The trailer for “God’s Not Dead 2,” the Little Rock-filmed sequel to “God’s Not Dead” (and inevitable prequel to “No, Seriously: God’s Very Much Alive and Well, I Assure You”) is out now on Youtube. The film is sure to make a gazillion dollars from the righteous looking to feed their martyr fantasies, and features plentiful Arkansas stuff in the background to make you go “Hey, it’s that place!” and a church bus full of B-listers to make you go “Hey, it’s that guy!” 

As seen in the trailer, the plot revolves around a public school teacher (Sabrina the No Longer Teenage Witch) running afoul of The Godless Liberals after she answers a student’s question about Jesus Christ in her classroom. At the mention of Christ, a dour coven of ACLU attorneys materializes in a puff of brimstone, vowing, for some reason, to prove that God is dead. This leads to plentiful courtroom drama (actual line from the trailer: “I ACCEPT the charge [of contempt of court], because I have nothing but contempt for these proceedings!” He’s gonna put the SYSTEM on trial, man!).  Editor’s Note: the role of ACLU of Arkansas executive director Rita Sklar will apparently be played by a former “Robocop” henchman.

If you can stand a blast of overly-earnest Christian Rock theme songsterizing, give it a watch.