Once upon a time, there was bowling, and if you wanted to drink a beer while doing it, you had your choice of Bud, Miller or Coors. If you wanted choices, you got this one: pitcher or long neck bottle. Full disclosure: I am not very good at bowling, but I have been known as a pretty good beer drinker. And if that describes some of you out there, then Professor Bowl is the place for you.

Are the lanes at Professor Bowl awesome? Maybe! I really wouldn’t know a good lane from a bad one. The balls seem to make it quite effectively from hand to pin (or in my case, gutter), so I reckon it’s a pretty good place for doing that sports thing. Is the beer list at Professor Bowl awesome? That, my friends, I can answer with an emphatic and unconditional “Yes!”

Like local brews? Grab an Ozark Pale Ale, which for my money might be the best beer currently being produced in the state. Or check out Diamond Bear’s new labeling for their deceptively drinkable Presidential IPA—it’s an attractive, tasty, hoppy treat.

Or step out of Arkansas and take a visit just south of the Natural State with LA 31’s Biere Pale or Abita’s Purple Haze. Go for a classic brew like Guinness Stout, Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale or a Franziskaner Weissbier. There’s something here for any taste—yes even Bud, Miller and Coors.