The University of Arkansas Press has released its Spring 2016 catalog, and it’s a great list, particularly for poetry fans and Arkansas history buffs. There’s an oral history of the Arkansas Democrat, a monograph on Bill Clinton’s racial politics (blurbed by Cornel West) and a new edition of Waymon Hogue’s “Back Yonder: An Ozark Chronicle,” edited by Brooks Blevins. “Back Yonder,” which will be out in April, was originally published in 1932 and is the first of the press’ new Chronicles of the Ozarks series. 

Legendary Arkansas folklorist Vance Randolph called the book “one of the finest nonfiction books ever written about the Ozark country. Hogue … knows the truth about this region, and sets it down without any sentimental twaddle.” The New York Times wrote that Hogue’s stories “brilliantly illuminate mountain life to its very heart and in its most profound aspects.”


Here’s the press’ summary:

Originally released in 1932, Wayman Hogue’s ‘Back Yonder’ is a rare and entertaining memoir of life in rural Arkansas during the decades following the Civil War. Using family legends, personal memories and events from Arkansas history, Hogue, like his contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder, creatively weaves a narrative of a family making its way in rugged, impoverished and sometimes violent places.

Here’s an interview
with Blevins about the book from KUAF. For more, here’s its entry at the Encyclopedia of Arkansas