Yesterday was “Pi Day,” one of those pseudo-holidays the internet loves to celebrate with memes and mayhem. Normally, that sort of thing doesn’t appeal one bit to me, but March 14 is a little different—it might be a made-up holiday, but it’s a made-up holiday which encourages people to put pie in and around the face. I support this. The world needs more math/dessert homonyms.

So to celebrate “Pi Day,” I stopped in to Community Bakery on South Main and grabbed one of their apple pie tarts. This is known as “moderation,” because when it comes to pie, I generally eat whatever I’ve got—so buying a full-size version didn’t seem wise. This little baby pie was just the perfect size: about as big as one of those frozen chicken pot pies, although quite a bit more exciting to tuck into.


The superiority of the tart form vs. a slice of pie is obvious from the first bite: it’s all about the crust, yo. A slice of pie gives you bottom crust, top crust, and a crinkly bit on the back. The tart gives you a full, sugary top piece and a full, gooey bottom piece. The apple filling is completely enclosed. It’s a little crusty pocket of happiness.

The apple filling here was pretty standard, and a bit more cinnamon and spice would have been…well, nice. But the apples themselves were nice and flavorful, not mushy, and held their own nicely in the dish. And for less than $3, the price was exactly right.


So did you celebrate Pi Day? Do you just eat pie every day? How many digits of Pi can you recite from memory? Let us know about it in the comments.