What crosses your mind when you think of Heifer International? A great organization that wants to end hunger worldwide? A place where you can donate goats, cattle and other livestock to provide a sustainable food source and economic boost to food insecure communities? A place for a great lunch? Wait, what?

It’s true: the Heifer International cafe (conveniently called “Cafe @ Heifer“) is one of downtown Little Rock’s best spots for a fresh, fast lunch that will make your tummy feel terrific while keeping your bank account nicely unbroken. Local ingredients, simple flavors and quality preparation are all hallmarks of the cafe—and enjoying a meal in the attractive Heifer Village ain’t too shabby, either.

On my most recent trip in, I got the Grilled Turkey Cobb Wrap and was simply delighted. Thin-sliced grilled turkey, tomatoes, big chunks of cucumber and avocado, and some of the freshest spinach and kale I’ve ever had were all bundled up in a spinach wrap with just a hint of tangy blue cheese. And the house-made chips on the side were tasty, too. 

Eating downtown can be great; it can also be horrific. There are a lot of sub-par, greasy options around. Cafe @ Heifer is neither sub-par nor greasy—it’s fantastic. So grab some lunch, donate a water buffalo, tour the grounds: it’s all part of a great day downtown, and it’s healthy eating at its best.