Yeah, we like shrimp — fried, sauteed, boiled, stuffed, just about any way you can serve them. Yeah, we like grits, particularly when they’re pressed into a cake and crisped up, or when they’re loaded with butter and cheese and baked. But why has combining shrimp and grits become so hip as to now be majorly cliche?

Shrimp and grits have become as ubiquitous in Little Rock-area restaurants as cheese dip and creme brulee. Sure, they got hot in Charleston some years back, and what foodie doesn’t want to emulate Charleston? But does every freaking place in town have to serve them? (And don’t get me started on chicken and waffles, another hip dish come lately!!!!)

A basic search and a little bit of recollecting turned up this list of 15 local spots that serve shrimp and grits. (And I’m sure I’ve missed many. Tell us which ones.)

1. Raduno (brunch)
2. Maddie’s Place
3. Trio’s (brunch)
4. Cajun’s Wharf (barbecue)
5. Afterthought
6. Faded Rose
7. One Eleven (brunch)
8. Red Door (barbecue)
9. Southern Gourmasian (bowl)
10. Alley Oops (brunch)
11. B-Side (brunch)
12. Capers (barbecue/appetizer)
13. Copper Grill
14. Skinny J’s (brunch)
15. Ira’s Park Hill Grill