Sarah and the Drain | Little Rock Stories vol. 1 from Justin Nickels on Vimeo.

Drain Smart, the anti-litter effort in which artists paint storm drains to remind folks their street trash doesn’t just disappear but goes to our rivers and streams, will this year set artists loose on eight drains on South Main, four the Promenade at Chenal and six on Center Street. The video above was made by Justin Nickels about his friend Sarah Higgins’ drain at Main and 17th streets. She uses The Great Wave of Kanagawa image in her painting, which shows folks that what they throw in the street near that intersection ends up in our Fourche Creek. Watch an artist at work!



The Drain Smart folks have passed along a list of all artists selected for this year’s project. In addition to Higgins, they are:

John Van Horn; Prinn Vandegrift; Madeline Chandler; Emmanuel Rice; Melissa Conley; Dondi Warren; Monica Penny; Jessica McSpadden; Linda Haycook; Lorria Eubanks; Scott Mattson; Tanya Hollifield; Larry Crane; Jordan Karpe; Mandi Houke and Terre Tollett; Kaitlin Rhodes; Erica Vanhaute; Chloe Beall; Savannah Fischer; Lauren Joseph; Cate Willis; Rachel Handloser; Catherine Dobry, Marianne Nolley and Marcella Melandri.

They will finish their work by June 4. There will be a public vote for a prize on June 14.