Fayetteville stand-up comic Stef Bright joined Nashville StandUp for what it called “The Greatest Dumbest Thing We’ve Ever Done Twice” — that is, breaking Nashville StandUp’s own Guinness World Records title for “longest stand-up comedy show by multiple
comedians.” Starting Sunday, May 15 at Nashville’s East Room, the comedy marathon lasted 184 hours and 21 minutes; 5 minutes longer than the previous record. Bright, noting the strict Guinness World Record rules governing the time that must lapse before a comedian returns to the stage (4 hours), said, “Technically, the show was non-stop for 227 hours and 1 minute,” but a comedian was accidentally scheduled 10 minutes too early and, devastatingly, the clock had to be re-started. A domino effect ensued, and the marathon bumped up against a band’s scheduled slot at the club, so the club built a small wooden stage outside and hooked up sound and floodlights, allowing the comedy show to continue seamlessly. 

“It seems like a silly goal to put that much time and effort into, but when you love your craft that much, it’s totally worth it,”

 Bright said –but only after she’d had ample opportunity to sleep the whole thing off.