What is humanity’s greatest invention? The automobile? Penicillin? The very internet upon which you are reading this now? Those things are all wonderful, but none are the greatest. What is? Why, the humble sandwich. And Fayetteville’s Little Bread Company makes some of the finest around.

A great sandwich needs a great foundation, and at Little Bread Co. each of their masterpieces starts with delicious, house-baked bread. It’s a bread much like myself—crusty where it should be and soft in all the right places. Add to this a pile of fresh, high-quality ingredients and the result is a delight to consume.
On a recent trip in, I sampled the Turkey and Swiss, and found each bite to be consistently awesome. The sandwich menu at Little Bread is diverse, encompassing both breakfast and lunch items, so it was hard to pick just one sandwich to eat, but this balanced mix of turkey, cheese, greens, tomatoes, onions and mayo hit all the spots I’ve got.


In addition to the sammie, I couldn’t leave the place without sampling one of Little Bread’s pastries. I went with a buttery, blackberry-laden Danish that was simply mind-blowing. Flaky, rich and perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, this pastry was more of an experience than a mere bite to eat. And even better, nothing I had left me feeling heavy or over-full, a testament to the light, airy pastries and breads that form the backbone of the bistro’s excellent menu.
There are some restaurants around that I feel deserve to develop a cult-like following. Little Bread Company is definitely one of them. It’s the perfect mix of friendly neighborhood coffee shop, hip hang-out for cyclists and runners and a quick lunch spot for folks on the go. The coffee drinks are spectacular, so even if you’re just looking to get a caffeine fix, Little Bread is worth a stop. But take it from me: you should get a pastry to go.