After a long day of town-wandering with a friend from Maumelle, I got hungry—it was, after all, dinner time. I find the options in Maumelle to be limited, so a stop at Cheers in Maumelle was the obvious choice. I’ve eaten there a few times, and it has always been consistent and reliable. I know I can swing in there, order about anything on the menu, and be happy with what they bring out. It’s solid, good food that, while not gourmet, is certainly well above par. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had anything but good service there, either. Cheers in Maumelle is located at 1901 Club Manor Drive in a well-kept building with just enough parking.

We ordered the salmon dip to start, along with some eggrolls. The dip was creamy, with nice chunks of salmon throughout, and paired well with crackers. Though it did have an aftertaste I wasn’t fond of, I enjoyed it enough to take it home and put the remainder on toast the next morning (a success). The eggrolls, on the other hand, were my dream eggroll. I’m not sure how they’re made, but the veggies stuffed in the middle were almost the texture of sautéed vegetables, and though the flavors were simple, it was nice not being overpowered by either fried-food feeling or the sweet-and-sour sauce that often accompanies eggrolls for dipping.


For the entrée’, I ordered chicken tenders. Confession time: I have a little love affair going on with chicken tenders. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth. There are many varieties of chicken tenders, which I’ll not waste time on discussing, but Cheers’ version involves cuts of tenderloin that had been hand-battered and fried. The hand-battering makes a difference—these almost tasted like what I’d fry at home. Each tender was nicely seasoned, with some bite left in the meat. I liked them so much, in fact, that I was halfway through before I remembered to snag a picture.

My friend also went with chicken—a basic chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon only. She indicated that the squishability factor of the bread is part of what makes sammies at Cheers so great. I didn’t sneak a bite, but it was certainly an attractive sandwich.


We both ordered sweet potato fries, and I’m happy to say they were ideal. These were very crispy, with just the thinnest layer of soft inside, and their dipping sauce—a honey butter—was well-balanced enough to mitigate the sweetness of the honey while maintaining the right texture for dipping. I tasted a bit off my fork, straight; it was tasty, but really shines best when on the fries.

My entrée also came with a salad, and like everything else I’ve had at Cheers, it was just plain good. Crispy lettuce and diced vegetables with a good quality ranch to bring it all together.


Cheers in Maumelle is one of the only locally-owned, thoughtfully prepared, proper restaurants in Maumelle, and there’s a reason it’s lasted. The consistent service, good food, great drink selection, and bonus pizza oven make for a place you’ll want to stop in anytime you need a bite.