Sibling Rivalry Press, a Lambda Literary Award-winning independent press based in Little Rock’s Stifft Station, selected four manuscripts this week following its open submission period, including one from an Arkansas author, Randi Romo, a collection of poetry, short stories and essays called “The Distractions of Living.”

Romo’s literary voice “reaches into multiple segments of who we are as humans, with an emphasis on queer,” she said. “As a Mexican-American Southerner (Como se llama, ya’ll), former farmworker, organizer/activist, queer, female, parent, grandparent, working class, elder, artist, writer and survivor, I have walked among and between many communities. In this multiplicity of identities I have had a unique catbird seat from which to observe when I was not literally in the midst of it all.”

2016 Open-Submission Selections: Sibling Rivalry Press from Bryan Borland on Vimeo.