Brian Chilson

Fayetteville’s Comfortable Brother (Dick Darden, Bob Gaiser, Bill Krzeszinski, Will King and Nick Caffrey) have morphed into a project called Youth Pastor. Here they are with their new video for “Sweet Summer Livin’,” and thanks to the band’s bible-y new name, Youtube’s predictive playlist algorithm is refreshingly shaken up, following up this living room tune with some rousing 2016 footage from a Church of God in Christ gospel conference.

Late Romantics’ latest confection has been a while in the works, but sugar acts as a natural preservative, right? The band calls “Home 2 U” a “love song to Little Rock,” a clavichord/harmony/trumpet groove to rock when you’re clinging to the subway pole in the web of a public transportation system far superior to our own, in a city whose novelty has worn thin.  If you’ve yet to cue up the three-minute soundtrack to this bizarre love triangle from The Uh Huhs, here it is, directed by Chris Jones and featuring Scout Taylor Compton, Courtney Bass, Emerick Martin, footage from MGM’s “The Royal Wedding,” two Zachs, a Tyler and a Trent in the same Tide-bright white they donned when they won the Arkansas Times Musician’s Showcase earlier this year.