Bohm, opening a third business, a charcuterie and takeout deli where Hillcrest Artisan Meats is now.

Tomas Bohm, owner of Czech and German eateries The Pantry in West Little Rock and The Pantry Crest in Hillcrest, will take over the space now occupied by Hillcrest Artisan Meats at 2807 Kavanaugh Blvd. next year. Brandon Brown and his wife, Tara Protiva-Brown, will continue to operate H.A.M. until the end of the year; Bohm hopes to reopen under a new name sometime in February.

Bohm’s deal with Brown is “still in baby stages,” so he said he could give just a vague idea of what the new place will offer. It will not be a butcher, but it will offer Bohm’s charcuterie, such as sausages, smoked turkey, pastrami and ham, along with sauerkraut and cabbage and “maybe the lasagna” from his Pantry restaurants. The yet-to-be-named deli, squeezed in between the U.S. Post Office and Hillcrest Gallery, will offer sandwiches to go, including hamburgers, and groceries that you can’t necessarily buy anywhere else, such as Italian and Spanish meats, Bohm said.


There won’t be chairs to sit on, but Bohm plans to introduce a little European flair with high top tables for folks to grab a snack, a glass of wine and visit with friends before taking dinner home. (He hopes to get a license for wine and beer, but keep the libations menu limited.)

The new place — Bohm has a name in mind but isn’t revealing it — will be open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays (you can grab dinner on the way home!); he’s still pondering the weekends.
Bohm said business proposals come to him all the time, but when the Browns approached him about buying H.A.M., he thought, “This is me, I can be myself doing this. I feel like it’s a great addition to Hillcrest, and complements the other restaurants we have.


With Mylo’s renovation of the former Afterthought bar and restaurant, and rumors about a hamburger restaurant at the former Helmich’s Auto repair business at Beechwood Street and Kavanaugh Boulevard, “it’s going to be a big 2017 for sure.”