Big Orange has been around for just long enough that it’s not always fresh on my mind. I do love a good burger, but I often forgo them in favor of something else. When my dining companion for the evening informed me she’d never eaten at Big Orange, I was reminded of how excellent they really are, as my immediate reaction was to insist that we go there.

It was a perfect evening for eating on the patio at Big Orange West, and the couple of Lost Forty Love Honey beers didn’t hurt either. After our delicious hummus appetizer, which was rich and borderline creamy in consistency, I convinced my friend to order the Farmer’s Burger, as it’s my very favorite. In an effort to branch out, I chose the White Truffle & Pecorino burger.

The Farmer’s Burger has creamy Havarti cheese, a local egg, Petit Jean bacon, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. I remember when putting an egg on top of anything was odd unless it was breakfast, but none the less it’s a trend I wholeheartedly embrace. The warmth of the yolk in combination with the medium rare (at my request) burger is mouth-watering. My friend agreed, and I should have taken an “after” photo of the plate to demonstrate just how indulgent that burger really is. The smeared yolk and messy hands say it all.

In regard to my burger, I wasn’t too sure what I was ordering, but I saw fig and I was in. The arugula was the least of the flavors, but it certainly added to the well-blended flavors. The pecorino is a hard cheese that warms but doesn’t melt, which results in a sharp, distinct flavor—and texture—in every bite. But the fig jam is where it’s at. That bit of sweetness, for someone with a sweet tooth like mine, just finishes off the experience.


I’ve become nearly blind to fries other than sweet potato. I tend to be excessive, so I’ve never ordered these to split, but the waitress suggested it. As it turns out, that was a reasonable thing to do. The waffle-cut fries come with a mango-curry ketchup that actually tastes of curry, unlike so many creative uses of the spice.

Big Orange does burgers, and it does them well. If I’m going to eat a burger someone else prepares, it’s from one of only a few places, and this is one of them. Whatever flavor combination you prefer, they’ve got it on offer. Combine it with any one of several French fry options, and while you’re there, top it off with a milkshake. It’ll make your day.