Loca Luna, located at 3519 Old Cantrell Road in Little Rock, is one of Little Rock’s most  recognized restaurants. Long a popular spot for those seeking a quality lunch and for business people looking for a relaxing dinner, Loca Luna has also begun serving brunch in recent years to add their name to the growing list of weekend breakfast options in the Rock.

My spouse and I went to Loca Luna on a recent Monday evening. We arrived after 8, and thus any dinner crowd had thinned out. As is my habit, I’d perused the menu beforehand and was ready with my order for bison meatloaf, while my spouse ordered lobster bisque for an appetizer to be followed by the seafood platter.

Lobster bisque is one of my favorites, and I’m constantly amazed by the differences to be found among varieties. Loca Luna’s bisque is creamy and rich, with the most well-blended of lobster flavors. I’d order this as my main in a heartbeat.

The seafood platter was overall quite good. The crab cake at the center was very crispy on the outside, with good, tender crab on the inside. The shrimp, too, was perfectly cooked and covered in a complementary light sauce. The side of veggies was generous and nicely cooked, and the garlic mashed potatoes tasted scratch-made with real garlic. While the salmon was slightly overcooked, the rest of the platter made up for it.

My main of bison meatloaf was a similarly tasty experience. The sauce had notes of brown sugar, and the meat, while spongier than beef, was an interesting departure from the norm. I’d call it Southern with a twist, which is exactly what Loca Luna is going for these days.

Finally, dessert. Like a responsible adult, I waited until the end of the meal to order from the dessert tray, which had at least a dozen options including carrot cake, cheesecake, a miniature pie, and chocolate torte. The chocolate torte was my pick, and it was a good one—a crust made of chocolate crumbs, whipped cream on top, and two separate layers of chocolate goodness in between.

Loca Luna has been around for a long time, and with good reason. Though their dinner selections are on the higher end of the spectrum, you’ll get good service and good food in return. Their menu gets small updates on a regular basis, and their commitment to staying in touch with their customers’ desires is clear. If you haven’t been recently, it’s time.