Tour of India, located at 2750 Prince Street in suite 79, opened Saturday to a solid crowd. The setup is pretty typical of Indian restaurants, with a lunch buffet and a sit-down dinner. The dining area offers plenty of seating, and there’s even a little area toward the back that’s suitable for larger gatherings.

For my plate, I selected saag paneer, a samosa, chicken biryani, gajar halwa, and goat curry. Saag paneer is basically cheese cooked with spinach, and this version was excellent. Particularly mild, my only mistake was in pairing it with other rather bold dishes, which caused some of the flavor subtleties in the dish to be lost. That being said, the goat curry had a building heat that my nothing-too-spicy palate had no trouble with. While I enjoyed it, it was occasionally chewy. But, my sample of the chicken curry from my spouse’s plate was both flavorful and tender, so I’ll go that route next time. Samosas are one of my very favorite things, so I was glad to find Tour of India’s to have a great crust and perfectly-spiced potato-and-pea filling.

New to me was gajar halwa, a dish composed of carrots, milk, water, and sugar. The creamy consistency and the barely-sweet notes almost reminded me of sweet potatoes, but better.


Lunch was great, and I’m excited to return for the dinner experience, but days later, it’s the naan that’s really sticking out in my memory. I may not know my Indian dishes like the back of my hand, but I know bread, and this fresh, warm flatbread was the best I’ve ever had.

Opening day at lunch was quite busy. As soon as one table emptied, it was reseated. Despite the crowd, the staff remained cool and collected. A minor debacle with our check was quickly remedied, and the initially too-loud music was quickly turned down to a reasonable level. While our food from the buffet was a little cool, others I spoke with did not have that experience, so at this point I’m chalking it up to opening-day struggles they’ll soon have ironed out.


If you love Indian food, or if you’ve never experienced it, give Tour of India a try. Their flavorful dishes, good service, and pleasant atmosphere are sure to be a hit.