Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co. opened its doors two years ago at a prime location for downtown lunch traffic, 215 Center Street. Soon, they’ll be moving to Main Street, citing a need for more space to properly serve their dishes while keeping wait times brief.

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When I first entered their current location, I wondered how they could possibly need more space. The airy interior is bright with natural light that complements the beautiful wood tables. But as I stood in the cafeteria-style line, I counted the people ahead of me—twelve. And once I sat, I noticed the line had doubled in size in the ten minutes or so that had passed, and the tables were filling up fast. Once I took my first bite, I realized why.


The menu is short and simple, so making a decision about what to order is straightforward—just how I like it. So many restaurants have an overwhelmingly long menu, but Three Fold knows what they’re about and they stick to it. I went with the dumplings, pork, not hot, with green onions. I also ordered a side of the carrot slaw (cabbage slaw is also available). My companion selected noodles with chicken. She also ordered a glass of the cucumber water, which she said was quite refreshing. Plenty of other customers agree, judging by the tray contents on the surrounding tables.


As far as my dumplings, they were exactly as advertised—fresh, steamed dumplings filled with a flavorful pork. The bowl was generously filled, with about a dozen or so individual pieces, and it was extremely reasonable at less than $9. I also enjoyed my carrot slaw, a delicately-flavored version of something that’s often too sweet, but here was just right.

My friend’s noodles were a pleasure to eat. Fresh, perfectly  cooked noodles were topped with quality shredded chicken and the “hot” hot sauce. Her dish was also affordable at less than $8. Both the noodles and dumplings struck me as plain Chinese comfort food at its finest.
Downtown at lunch benefits from Three Fold’s cafeteria serving-style, which allows workers on the clock to quickly get their food and head back to work. Even better, they’re able to get simple, quality, authentic food for a reasonable price.