Tacos 4 Life first opened several years ago in Conway and has recently expanded to include locations in Little Rock, Benton, and Fayetteville. Aside from taco devotees, they attract diners interested in their meal4meal program that helps feed starving children across the world.

Despite their popularity in our shared home city of Conway, I only recently found myself for the first time at Tacos 4 Life on 716 W. Oak Street. Though it’s a fast food joint in the sense that the food is fast, the aesthetic is fun and thoughtful. Lights decorate several signs across the interior, and mustache references sprinkle the space everywhere from a framed picture on the wall to the print on the cups. My (pescatarian) dining companion raved about the food to come before ordering two Ono Shrimp Tacos with a side of Cilantro Lime Rice and a small cheese dip. The shrimp tacos have a light, fruity quality given the pineapple and pineapple sauce. Combined with toasted coconut over top, these make for an interesting, flavorful taco.

I selected one Fish Taco and one of the special, a chicken Thai taco with peanut sauce, along with an order of the rice. As a rice fanatic, I’m happy to say this was some of the best. Light and fluffy with strong lime notes, it’s exactly what I like to see paired with South-Mex cuisine. My fish taco consisted of a good fish and coleslaw on a crunchy taco shell, which made for a bit of an unusual combination. I was initially wary, but as it turns out, a crunchy taco only added to the experience. The Thai taco was also delicious. Some may not prefer the significant amount of peanut sauce as the overarching flavor on a taco, but I couldn’t get enough.

Arkansan’s take nothing quite as seriously as we take our cheese dip, so I’m happy to report a thumb’s up for this iteration. The chips were thin and sturdy, and the dip was hot and very lightly seasoned with something smokey, perhaps paprika. I confess to eating more than my fair share.


The cost of our meal is also worth noting. Two tacos with a side of rice were less than $9, and the cheese dip less than $3. For a quick, filling lunch made from fresh ingredients, you can’t ask for better.

Do you love tacos in all their variety? Give Tacos 4 Life a try. Their mission is compassion, their tacos are tasty, and their prices are reasonable.