Waldron native Jayme Lemons announced the launch of a partnership with Laura Dern on a film and television production company, Jaywalker Pictures.

Lemons produced director Daniel Campbell’s “Antiquities,” and one of the films slated for development by Jaywalker Pictures suggests she’ll keep her Arkansas ties at the forefront: Graham Gordy and Jay Jennings’ adaptation of Charles Portis’ novel, “The Dog of the South.”

Lemons met Dern when the two were working together on the Robert Altman film “Dr. T & the Women,” in which a turn-of-the-century Richard Gere plays a wealthy gynecologist. Dern described the company’s mission in an interview with Variety.


“I was an actor, much like our friend Reese Witherspoon, seeing very few interesting roles for women, and thinking ‘Wow, we may have to develop stuff on our own. Having the gift of Jayme in my life, she and I started developing stuff together, both things that might be interesting for me as an actor and also potentially first-time directing — to find that piece of material that spoke to me. But then this broader question came up: We want films and television that we feel have value, that have plot and complicated characters, perhaps politically subversive pieces. Things that hold comedic irreverence. From that place, it started to grow.”

Jayme Lemons is also on the board of the newly formed Arkansas Cinema Society, featured on the cover of this week’s Arkansas Times.