Terri-Lynn’s BBQ and Deli, found at 10102 N Rodney Parham Rd # 2, opened over fifty years ago as a grocery store and delicatessen. Today, it’s a hole in the wall BBQ spot across the street and down a bit from Breckenridge Theater. Though it’s changed owners a couple of times as people retired, it’s maintained its high standards of quality.

I’d never been to Terri-Lynn’s, though I’ve been driving by it for the better part of two decades. On this particular weekday, my friend suggested it for lunch. Always game to try a new place, I quickly agreed. As we walked in close to 11, my friend questioned whether there would be a line yet. We lucked out; though there were quite a few tables taken, only one person was ahead of us in line. It was clear from the menu that the options covered the classics of deli sandwiches, hot dogs, and the gamut of BBQ plates and sandwiches. My friend and I each chose the classic Pork Sandwich with coleslaw. For sides, we again both chose potato salad.

Only two minutes after we sat, the line was eight people deep and growing, but only another two minutes later, our number was called. When I picked up our sandwiches at the counter, I was already anticipating taking a big bite. The sandwich was piled so generously with meat, the bun underneath was almost invisible. Unlike many BBQ places today, there was but one choice of sauce, though tabasco was also available at the counter. The sauce of choice was mild but tasty, and just a little did the trick.

Unlike some who deeply love BBQ, it takes a lot for me to feel strongly about it. So, when I say this was the best BBQ I’ve had around the area, I hope you believe me. The meat was perfectly smoked, and in truth, it didn’t even need sauce. The texture of the meat was almost shredded, and it was oh so tender. Combined with crunchy coleslaw, it was the perfect pork sandwich.

Luckily, there was still pecan pie. The slightly caramelized top and the nicely set filling were excellent. I only wish I’d taken a piece home to have with coffee. If you like BBQ, you’ll like Terri-Lynn’s. Staff was friendly and efficient, and even the patrons seemed more pleased to be there than is average.