BURRiTAS, located at 1220 Old Morrilton Highway in Conway, serves up “Crazy Good Burritos,” according to their website. I don’t know about “crazy good,” but they’re solidly in the “pretty good” file.

BURRiTAS began as a stationary food truck, but recently opened a brick and mortar location just half a block up. At either location, the method of ordering is simple. First, you select a burrito, burrito bowl, tacos, nachos, or taco salad. Then, select either a meat or the vegetarian option, load it up with your choice of rice, beans, cheese, and veggies, and then pick a sauce or five to top it with.

I went with a pork burrito loaded with Spanish rice, pinto beans, onion, lettuce, tomato, and salsa verde. I’ve got to say, for the price ($7.99) this was a huge burrito, suitable for two meals. But, while the ingredients were fresh, neither the pork nor the veggies had a lot of flavor, despite the meat being marinated in-house. In all fairness, they have a list of sauces a mile long, and it may be that this burrito is meant to get most of its flavor from added sauces. While the flavor wasn’t super exciting, it benefitted from fresh ingredients that left me feeling I’d had a whole-food lunch, something I’m always on the lookout for.

The meal also comes with chips and your choice of salsa. Once more this week, I was happily surprised by fresh, lightly-salted chips and mild salsa.


Finally, I’m a sucker for a fried dessert taco, so I ordered their version—a lightly fried taco shell filled with cream cheese and berries. It was pure indulgence, but you can’t really go wrong with something fried + cream cheese + fresh berries.

The interior of the brick location is filled with light, and because they make your meal as your order it, you’re sitting down to eat within minutes of walking in. Overall, BURRiTAS is a solid option for a quick, fresh, no-guilt meal on the go—just make sure and load up on the sauces.