“Quarry,” the eight-episode series based on the work of author Max Allan Collins and
co-created by Michael Fuller and Little Rock native Graham Gordy, will not return to Cinemax for a second season. Fuller announced the end of the series in a statement on his blog.

“By virtually every metric (ratings, critical response) the show succeeded in all the ways a show needs to for a second season, but, as the erstwhile Head Ball Coach of my beloved Gamecocks was fond of saying, ‘it is what it is.’ TV’s tough and life is tougher, and like the titular character of the show, the series itself was ultimately the victim of a system that is relentlessly unforgiving. … A Memphis-BBQ-platter sized thanks is due to our wonderful cast and crew who made our writing better than it had any business being, and to Max Allan Collins himself, who trusted us with a character he’s lived with for 40 years: Thank you, sir. I hope we didn’t mess it up too badly.” 

Season 1 of “Quarry” is available on iTunes, VUDU, MaxGO, Amazon and other streaming platforms.