Actor/director Joel Edgerton (“Loving,” “The Gift”) has adapted Garrard Conley’s memoir, “Boy Erased,” and will direct the story of Conley, who grew up in Arkansas and later survived conversion therapy, Deadline reports.

Bryan Borland interviewed Conley for the Times about his memoir last year.

Conley grew up in Cherokee Village and Mountain Home, and his father was a Southern Baptist preacher.

Lucas Hedges (“Manchester By the Sea”) will play Conley. Edgerton will play the head of the conversion therapy program. Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe may be in the mix, too, according to Deadline.


From our interview with Conley last year:

For about eight years I didn’t even want to speak about my experience of growing up in Arkansas. I felt deeply ashamed of how ignorant I had been as a teen. What kind of 19-year-old agrees to attend “ex-gay” therapy? But now I love the liminal spaces that make up so much of my presence in Arkansas. I’m both queer and Southern, Christ-haunted and nonpracticing. I believe that doubt (I mean the doubt we encounter in religious texts) is an extremely important element in religious experience, and I prize it above most other worldviews, so one of my goals is to help usher in more doubt in the Arkansan communities where I grew up.