Mosaïque, found at 250 Donaghey Avenue in Donaghey Hall, opened several months ago. Lunch, dinner, and a stocked bar are available, and the venue hosted its first photography exhibit this week.

The entry leads directly to the host stand, though the space it occupies isn’t large enough to accommodate a gathering crowd. But, once you round the corner into the restaurant proper, the space opens up into a roomy dining area.

We were seated quickly and given a list of the day’s happy hour specials, including $5 tequila drinks and $1 off a selection of other mixed drinks. A round of margaritas, an Old Fashioned, and a Godfather were quickly en route, though it took a little time for them to arrive. That said, I’m frequently disappointed with scotch drinks, so I’m glad to say both The Godfather and Old Fashioned were perfectly balanced, with both orange and cherry muddled in the latter. The margaritas on the rocks were also well crafted, and the drinks as a whole were a testament to the bartender’s seven years of experience. Though the menu is almost too expansive, there are some nice choices available. I ordered Wahoo Fish Tacos, which came on flour tacos with pickled cabbage. The fish was crisp, but indistinct, though the cabbage was quite good. While flour tortillas are not my preference for fish tacos, they did pair well with the cucumber aioli.A friend ordered Roasted Chicken, and was surprised to find when it arrived that it came with no sides. Luckily, the chicken was in fact an entire half of a chicken, succulent and rich with flavor.

Another companion selected Ramen Alfredo with shrimp. The large bowl of ramen noodles was drowned in Alfredo sauce, though that’s a relatively minor complaint given the enjoyment my companion received from the dish. The shrimp was firm and lightly charred, and the overall experience of the dish was creamy and indulgent.
Mosaïque offers something a bit different for Conway. The bartender is obviously a professional and their happy hour specials are quite good. The food wasn’t awe-inspiring, but it was consistently well-cooked and flavorful, and when combined with the relatively upscale level of service, is definitely a spot worth trying.