In need of something quick and close, my friends and I selected Sashimi, found at The Village in Conway. This new-ish sushi spot took over the previous location of How Do You Roll?, and unfortunately, it shared the same sparse dinner crowd the previous occupant suffered from, which did not give me high hopes upon entering.

However, our hostess was both friendly and professional, giving me hope that Sashimi had upped the ante. We were quickly seated at one of the many vacant tables, and our waitress found us for drink orders almost immediately. But, while perusing the menu, I noted how long it was, and my stance on menus is the shorter they are, the better.


When our waitress returned with beverages, she took our appetizer order: a plate of gyoza, edamame, and a salad with ginger dressing. The salad was what you’d expect: a pile of lettuce in a bowl with a typical ginger dressing; so too were the edamame of the usual steamed variety. The gyoza, though, were crispy all over and rather flavorful, with or without added sauce.


After taking our appetizer order, the waitress left for a bit, finally returning for our main order. I selected the Valentine Roll, a specialty option with coconut shrimp, mango, and a strawberry sauce. Though I generally like mango with sushi, this iteration was underwhelming. There was nothing particularly offensive about it, but it was overall too sweet, and the strawberry sauce added an odd overtone. I didn’t even eat the last bite, which, when it comes to sushi, is saying something.

My companion ordered the Tiger Roll at the waitress’ suggestion. He’d asked for a list of their spicier options, but the roll had almost no heat. He also ordered a Dragon Roll, which I didn’t try, but I was told it was even more lackluster than the Tiger Roll.


Overall, I wasn’t impressed with Sashimi. Though the appetizers were okay, they were nothing to write home about. Most importantly, the sushi I sampled was just not exciting. That said, our other friend also ordered a sushi roll and was generally happy with it, so it’s possible the amalgamations are just hit or miss. While our waitress was friendly and seemed happy to be waiting on us, she and several other employees were obviously on their phones at various points. Given how few tables were occupied, I understand the need for some on-the-clock entertainment, but a little discretion seems appropriate.

If you’re looking for either a quick meal or an exceptional dining experience, you’ll likely be happier looking elsewhere.