Just in time to revive your collection of summer music that’s been languishing in the heat like everything else, here’s an Arkansas-centric playlist of rap and hip-hop, including (but not limited to): a Texarkana bombshell who makes her own beats, some old school Fresco Grey and Goon des Garcons, the opening track from Big Piph’s new album, King Dyl’s elegy for his brother and a double dose of Kari Faux, including the one she recorded for Issa Rae’s HBO series “Insecure.”

1. “Hold On” – Big Piph

2. “Lie 2 My Face” – Kari Faux

3. “Don’t Blow My High” – Bazi Owenz

4. “Married to the Game” – Bilayshia

5. “Freak Show” – Tsukiyomi

6. “Supplier” – Kari Faux

7. “Secure the Bag” – Yuni Wa

8. “All About You” – Feezi Redd

9. “Wash My Hands” – 607

10. “Heavyweight” – DMP

11. “Dear Rico” – King Dyl

12. “Pulled Up ’95” – Fresco Grey

13. “Deep End” – Wuda

14. “Keep Up” – Solo Jaxon

15. “How It Happen?” – Goon des Garcons

16. “Best View” – bLAck pARty