Musicophilia, a blog created by an anonymous Little Rock native “mostly to share the box set of post-punk music from 1981” that its creator made in 2004 to great acclaim, has followed the much-shared (and technically, legally tenuous) 1981 mix with “1979: Post-Punk.”

It’s an eight-hour tour through the musical climate responsible for “Fear of Music” and other seminal (and more forgotten) post-punk hits: Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” just after Killing Joke’s “Turn To Red”; Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” next to The
B-52’s underplayed “Dance This Mess Around”; The Cure’s “10:15 Saturday Night” pressed up against Pylon’s “Cool.”


In the creator’s words, it’s a lengthy examination of  the genre that broke down barriers “between ‘rock’ and non-white musics, always with the risk of appropriation,” but, much like this volume itself seems to be, “mostly created with a sincere attitude of learning and engagement, rather than theft.”

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