On week two of “No Small Talk” we’ve got: a Central Arkansas Music Award (CAMA) rundown,  discussion about “The Post” and lots of recommendations.

For our ‘Post’ banter, Jacob, Stephanie and Omaya welcome in Arkansas Times staff writer David Koon to talk about the latest Spielberg film and a love of Linotype. He reviewed the film for us last week.

If you’re interested in CAMA, check out our A&E feature on it.

We made recommendations too. Here are some links:


* Alan J. Pakula’s films (After struggling to pronounce this on the podcast, embarrassing myself, I looked it up and it’s PAUL-KA-LA; so if you want to make the recommendation too sans blundering over the name, there you go. )
* PALLBEARER preview
* Our own Stephanie Smittle interviews Beth Ann Fennelly on Jan. 25. You can buy Fennelly’s new book of micro-memoirs here.
* Showtimes for “Call Me By Your Name” and “Phantom Thread