And Round 3 of the 2018 Arkansas Times Musician’s Showcase goes to: Sabine Valley!

We’ve got another great lineup for Round 4. You can check out the schedule here. And come out this Thursday, February 22 to Stickyz, to see who will join The Rios, Couch Jackets and Sabine Valley at the finals at The Rev Room on Friday, March 9.

The winner of that final round receives: cold hard cash, an in-studio showcase at Capitol View Studio, a live spot at Patio on Park Hill 2018, live spot at the Arkansas State Fair Bud Light Pavilion, a live spot at Musicfest El Dorado, a live spot at Low Key Arts’ Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival in Hot Springs, a Thursday Night Live performance at Griffin Restaurant in El Dorado, eight hours of artist development at The Hive Studio, a PRS SE 245 Standard 22 Electric Guitar from Sunrise Guitars and more.

Here’s a rundown of last night’s show with comments from our four judges; Sarah Woolf of the “Follow the Woolf” series, Robert Locke of Shindig Music, J. Bradley Minnick of KUAR’s “Arts & Letters,” Drew Pickens and our guest judge for the night, host of the latest “Nasty Women” comedy showcase, Willow Wheeler.

Sabine Valley

Judge’s comments:

“Lead singer owns it. Fugazi, Garbage, Pavement-y.”

“Jesus, these kids are how old? Very impressive.”

“Nice crowd enthusiasm and support.”

“She owned the stage and possibly the night.”

“That lead singer is a live wire and I am loving it. Gives me Sleater-Kinney meets Bikini Kill vibes.”


Judge’s comments:

“Solid, dark metal.”

“These guys have earned their place in the Central Arkansas music scene. So influential and respected.”

“The introduction of a synth into a genre that would otherwise shun it is a great touch.”

“These guys just scared half the crowd. Somewhere the Devil is proud.”

All the Way Korean

Judge’s comments:

“P.I.L. Public Image Limited. Commanded the stage with cool bass lines. Points for suits.”

“Best showmanship of the night.”

“Professional musicians. These guys know and love what they’re doing.”

“Spa City dance punk with a late 70s London filter. Nice.”

Deep Sequence

Judge’s comments:

“Hella groove. Vintage tones.”

“Can’t wait to be out on a festival field this summer in the sunshine, cold drink in my hand dancing to this band.”

“This is definitely something I could jam to. I think if you made it a little more synth heavy and experimental you could have done something nobody has ever heard before.”

“Tight. Funky. Solid at every turn.”