And Round 4 of the 2018 Arkansas Times Musician’s Showcase goes to: Recognizer!

They’ll join The Rios, Couch Jackets and Sabine Valley at the finals at The Rev Room on Friday, March 9.


The winner of that final round receives: cold hard cash, an in-studio showcase at Capitol View Studio, a live spot at Patio on Park Hill 2018, live spot at the Arkansas State Fair Bud Light Pavilion, a live spot at Musicfest El Dorado, a live spot at a reinvented Riverfest, a live spot at Low Key Arts’ Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival in Hot Springs, a Thursday Night Live performance at Griffin Restaurant in El Dorado, eight hours of artist development at The Hive Studio, a PRS SE 245 Standard 22 Electric Guitar from Sunrise Guitars and more.

Here’s a rundown of last night’s show with comments from our four judges; Sarah Woolf of the “Follow the Woolf” series; Robert Locke of Shindig Music; J. Bradley Minnick of KUAR’s “Arts & Letters”; Mike Poe, Little Rock filmmaker and director of the documentary film “TC and Me, a Little Rock-umentary,” the story of the late, legendary rocker TC Edwards; and Christopher Terry, host of “Tomorrow’s Dream” on KABF FM 88.3, events coordinator at Vino’s Brewpub and glass-shattering vocalist of Rwake, Deadbird and Iron Tongue.


And check out the slideshow from our photographer Brian Chilson, who was on the floor to catch the evening’s performances.



Judge’s Comments:

“Down a man and just kept rockin.”

“I love the twin guitar leads. Very Maiden.”

“Badass performance! Incredibly impressed with the bass player/drummer overcoming the adverse [car] accident and still having such an incredibly full sound.”


“Bass player moved to drums just for the show! And the original drummer has staples in his head. Metal!”

“The lead vocalist has a phenomenal range and is one helluva shredder too.”

The Inner Party

Judge’s Comments:

“Great band. Sounds like an old 4AD label band.”

“Felt like that scene from ‘Pretty in Pink’ when they’re at the freaky New Wave club. Nice job.”

“Like the name suggests, the band seems like they’re a part of an Inner Party only they know about.”

“Like no other band in the showcase.”

“And then they bust out a saxophone.”


“I think this band keeps the ‘mesh’ loose but doesn’t have very many weak spots in the chain mail.”

“Wildly diverse riffs, and the vocals make it hard to label the sound which is a plus in the music world.”


Judge’s Comments:

‘Even if you don’t know the song. it feels familiar. Like your dad used to rock it in the Dodge Dart.”

“They are insanely talented and play their instruments like extra limbs attached to their bodies.”

“Roll down the windows and turn this up.”


“DeFrance has that soulful southern blues-rock sound that clearly gives Creedence to their muddy Ark. waters background.”

“Amazing guitars and they are tight as fuck! Put them on tour with ZZ Top fast!”


Judge’s Comments:

“Pro. Seasoned. Completely dialed in.”

“Fantastic band. Win or lose, they’re gonna do just fine.”

‘With a voice like Mike’s, it is hard to listen to the newest incarnation of his sound/band without the nostalgia of the previous amazing bands he led, but he consistently steps to the microphone with another brilliant creation…..”

‘These dudes are tight as 80s Spandex worn three days in a row. I bet they have, like, four practices a week.”