Last night, before the final round of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, we chatted with Sarah Woolf, one of this year’s judges and the purveyor of “Follow the Woolf.”

The Youtube channel continues Woolf’s chronicling of the Little Rock music scene. It began when she started posting on social media the shows she planned to see on any given night — easier than having to communicate to the many people requesting, “Where are you going tonight?”

Some links to follow along this week’s episode of “No Small Talk”:

*Here’s a recap of Round 4 of the Musicians Showcase.


*No Depression’s write up of Mark Currey

*Big Piph’s “Celebrate” and his album “Live from SoMa


*We mention, a few times, The Wildflower Revue

*Some underappreciated venues: 109 & Co., Gigi’s Cafe in Maumelle, Hawg’s on JFK, the Undercroft (in the basement of Christ Church Episcopal), South on Main (on Wednesday, curated by local artists).

*Bonnie Montgomery’s new album “Forever”

*The Fulcrum Festival, which Woolf recommends


*Incredible gardening tips from Stephanie: follow the Instagram garden_plant_lover for beautiful inspiration, use the Year­ Round Home Garden Planting Chart to put that inspiration into action

*And the To-Do list is, as the kids say, on point. Tons of stuff is going on this weekend. The Move, though, is to go see “The Planets.” Space music!