A packed episode this week of “No Small Talk”: a chat with Katy Henriksen, from Of Note on KUAF; Stephanie Smittle breaks down the Spring Arts issue; and we finish up with just a tiny bit of Oscar chatter.

Also, you should really go to the Musicians Showcase — the final round is tonight at Rev Room.


Here are some other links to follow along:

*Here’s the Facebook page for “Of Note” with Katy Henriksen. Check out the stuff she’s written for the Times too. Including Q&As with Philip Mann and Bonnie Montgomery.

*We’ve got your Spring Arts preview in written form here. Make sure to check out the Beth Ditto Q&A and Stephanie’s write-up of Ditto’s recent performance in Little Rock.

*Hinton Als on Tiffany Haddish

*Here’s the linguistics blog

*Double-dip on Mr. Rogers documentaries: “It’s You I Like” and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

*Listen to “Land of Endless Summer” by Mark Currey

*The Move for the week: Royal Thunder Tuesday at White Water Tavern