This week on “No Small Talk,” we talk about Werner Herzog’s opus “Fitzcarraldo,” the next film up in the Arkansas Times Film Series; Little Rock native composer Florence Price’s legacy; and check in on new music from Silver Anchors, Pallbearer and The Uh Huhs.

First up (0:43): “Fitzcarraldo,” the next film up in our Arkansas Times Film Series, was Werner Herzog’s 1982 film about an opera-obsessed, would-be rubber baron, and it came to be symbolic of the director’s own obsessive tendencies toward the completion of the film.


We talk about Herzog’s inspiration for the film (ancient stone structures), leading man Klaus Kinski, Les Blank’s “making-of” documentary “Burden of Dreams” and about the film’s ideas about exoticism, cultural imperialism and the madness of genius.

Join us this Tuesday night at Riverdale 10 Cinema and catch it on the big screen, which is surely the way God (or Herzog) intended it be seen.


Next (19:19), we chat about Little Rock-born composer and educator Florence Price, and this week’s news that a teachers’ organization that had once denied Price membership honored her with a Foundation Fellow award at a ceremony in Orlando in March. More on that here.

And dig this whimsical recording of Price’s rediscovered “Violin Concerto No. 2” from violinist Er-Gene Kahng and the Janacek Philharmonic, under the baton of conductor Ryan Cockerham.


Next up (30:42), we got wind of the trailer for “American Animals,” a heist film from director Bart Layton (“The Imposter”). It’s based on a wild but true story about how a bunch of college kids managed to steal around $10 million, and though we didn’t catch sight of him in the trailer, Little Rock’s own John Burnette acted in the film!

At (34:38), we shout out to some new music from Pallbearer, The Uh Huhs and Silver Anchors, linked below.

Finally, at (36:33), Omaya and Stephanie make some recommendations.

First, Omaya suggests you go see “Fitzcarraldo,” of course, with us Tuesday evening for the next installment of the Arkansas Times Film Series.


He also recommends that you mark your calendars for next Thursday, April 12 for The Yarn’s #metoo: True Stories of Sexual Assault.  Thanks to the folks at The Yarn for bringing these stories to the forefront!

Stephanie suggests you tune in to KABF-FM 88.3 for “Over/Underground,” a consistently stellar rock backdrop for your Saturday tinkerings and projects, with lots of women rockers at the forefront.

“The Move” for the week (39:12): Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s “Beethoven and Blue Jeans,” in which the symphony plays Adam Schoenberg, Beethoven (duh) and Ravel’s “Mother Goose” suite with live painting from Barry Thomas projected on the screen behind them, a street party with brats and beer and an accompanying (FREE) simulcast Saturday night on the lawn of the Arkansas Arts Center.