Mylo Coffee Co. put a notice on its Facebook page today that it has abandoned its project to redo The Afterthought space adjacent to the bistro. From its statement:

“While we have made every effort, and sacrifices the general public may never know, to fulfill our promises regarding our renovation and reopening of The Afterthought, we would like to make it known that we have been unable to achieve our ultimate goal. After many months and rent payments, estimates, demolition, meetings, enduring righteous frustration from our beloved neighborhood, and changes in our family dynamics — all while maintaining our first Hillcrest business Mylo Coffee Co. — we recognized that we will not be able to restore The Afterthought to what it once was.”

The Afterthought restaurant and bar closed in 2016. Mylo Coffee had plans to make it an entertainment venue.

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The company also said it had been meeting privately with potential buyers of The Afterthought LLC, but had had no luck. Interested parties may contact Mylo at