Union Pacific conductor-turned biscuit-maker Hayne Begley says his Delta Biscuit Co. food truck should get rolling in Little Rock by the end of October or first of November.

Begley, 36, and two silent partners have shucked an idea for a brick-and-mortar place to start small and rise more “nimbly.” “We’re in the South and you can put just about anything on a biscuit,” Begley said, so he plans to pair all sorts of goodies with his three-and-a-half-inch biscuits. The Mimi (named after his grandmother), for example, will be a biscuit with fried chicken and an egg on top and homemade apple butter. His Hillbilly Benedict will slap Petit Jean ham, sausage gravy and fried eggs on a biscuit. He’ll serve roast beef on a biscuit, a biscuit burger and a fried-chicken potpie. He’ll also serve up a Delta Poutine, a Southern take on the fries-and-gravy dish that he created up for Flyway Brewery’s brunch menu.

Begley, who’s served his biscuits pop-up style at Honey Pies on Bowman Curve and taught a cooking class at Eggshells Kitchen Co. in the Heights, says he’ll use fresh produce from local farmers. The Delta Biscuit truck will have a regular location at breakfast (6:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.) and then rotate lunch sites (10:30 a.m.-2 p.m.); Begley will announce his schedule on his website (deltabiscuits.com), Instagram and Facebook.