This week on “No Small Talk,” Omaya and Stephanie talk Howard Hawks’ 1940 film “His Girl Friday,” the next film up in the Arkansas Times Film Series.

This Tuesday, December 18, Arkansas Times joins Film Quotes Film and Riverdale 10 Cinema to screen “His Girl Friday,” a comedy of remarriage in which reporter Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) is engaged to be married to an insurance salesman (Ralph Bellamy) and is trying to break the news to her ex-husband, editor Walter Burns (Cary Grant). Join us Tuesday night!


And we make some recommendations:

Stephanie recommends you turn off the carousel of banality that can be holiday radio, and tune into this match made in Christmas Album Heaven. Rapid-fire rapper and creative force 607 has teamed up with Levelle Davison, the golden-voiced Little Rock native who made a name for himself earlier this year as a contestant on NBC’s “The Voice.” Behold, “Holiday Blues,” a dance party at the ready and the antidote to all things “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Omaya suggests a litany of compelling events, including the “Ice Box 4” art show in January at Gallery 360. Check out our podcast with artist/organizer Matthew Castellano for more on Gallery 360 and the “Ice Box” series.

And, The Move: Quinto Poder, a local Norteño quintet who’s playing a free concert at CALS Ron Robinson Theater tonight. More on that, and everything else going on this week, in our weekly To-Do List and in our In Brief listings.