Soccer Mommy

In a leap that landed as emotionally raw as her bedroom pop Bandcamp takes, but light years ahead in its ferocity and production, Nashville native Sophie Allison’s 2018 album “Clean” was an exercise in confrontation and confession. Her songs as Soccer Mommy somehow bite without ever having bared their teeth; Allison’s deadpan delivery can be soothing and soporific, and then along comes a line like “I don’t wanna be your fucking dog that you drag around/A collar on my neck tied to a pole/Leave me in the freezing cold.”

Even better, the simplicity of her melodies lends itself to packaging and re-packaging in new, lovely ways. Check out, for example, the demo for “Blossom” she recorded in her college dorm’s basement, and its studio album counterpart.


Soccer Mommy performs at Hendrix College’s Worsham Performance Hall with Hovvdy, 8 p.m., free.