David DeAngelis


Here is a non-exclusive list of the vehicular majesty one can likely witness at Monster Jam 2019: A truck named Megaladon doing something called a “slap wheelie,” Grave Digger pulling off a rad “pogo,” Raminator and Rammunition competing to determine who rams the hardest, and a 12,000 pound piece of machinery known menacingly as Monster Mutt engaged in a donut-off with the less menacingly named Scooby-Doo.

Eight trucks will compete in a variety of events including timed and head-to-head races, a two-wheel skill challenge, donut competitions, and a freestyle period. If the 1500 horsepower tomfoolery taking place on the track isn’t your cup of Natural Light, then come for the people watching, where there will be no shortage of babies in comically large over-the-ear headphones.

One of numerous stops on Monster Jam’s 2019 journey to the World Finals in Orlando, this year offers the opportunity for you yourself to serve as a judge. If you are able to shoulder such serious responsibility, then head to the arena, pull out your phone, and, if you dare, let Bounty Hunter know how unimpressed you were by its “sky wheelie.”