"Rarer than hens' teeth as common as an old shoe": work by Arthur Hash.

Arthur Hash, an assistant professor in the jewelry and metalsmith department at the Rhode Island School of Design, fabricates jewelry that he describes as giving a nod to his “daily carry”: Good luck charms, river stones, folding knives — he says all shape his identity.

One of his fabricated items — resembling a squeezed tube of toothpaste and titled “Rarer than hens’ teeth as common as an old shoe” — is among his “Daily Carry in a Post Digital Age,” on exhibit through May 15 in the lower floor Small Gallery of the Windgate Center for Art and Design at UA Little Rock.


The show also includes work in silver and gemstones. Hash has shown his work at Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Virginia Beach, Va.; the Wayne Art Center in Philadelphia and the Museum of Art in Delaware, Ohio.

While you’re at the Windgate Center, catch the “Annual  Student Competitive” exhibition in the Brad Cushman Gallery on the first floor. The show features 84 pieces — including drawing, paintings, prints, graphic design, photography, illustrations, textiles, metals, sculptures, ceramics and furniture — by 48 students.


Friends of the Arts Purchase Awards went to Gwen Kudabeck for two of her digital photographs “Highway 365” and “Highway 270.”

The show goes down April 21.