Until holograms and virtual reality can make us smell colors and experience Thanksgiving dinner in a single bite, it’s pretty inconceivable that we are going to bear witness to the art rock of Talking Heads in live concert form. Excepting, perhaps, here, in this screening of Jonathan Demme’s hallowed film from 1984, up on the big screen as part of the Arkansas Times Film Series. Get tickets here.

Therein, framed by the vision of Demme and his then-girlfriend Sandy McLeod, are crystallized snapshots of all the things that made this rock quartet so pivotal: Byrne’s intensity and jerky physicality, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth’s shared bounce and joie de vivre, the conspicuous absence of anything that resembled a confessional love song. With “Stop Making Sense,” it was as if Talking Heads, armed with its inimitably normcore comportment, was saying, “Look at this! We are going to wear gray, do peculiar things with our hips and trim any fat that might distract from what’s really important to us: the beat, our bodies and the joy of marrying the two together.” Arkansas Times screens the film in partnership with Film Quotes Film and Riverdale 10 Cinema.