Hannah McBroom, from her "Two-Year Hymn" portrait series
Hannah McBroom, from her "Two-Year Hymn" portrait series

Hannah McBroom, from her “Two-Year Hymn” portrait series

Paintings by Hannah McBroom and Shabana Kauser and woodcuts by Kasey Ramirez, all transplants to Fayetteville, are now on exhibit on the guest room floors of 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville, part of The Elevate at 21c program for artists living and working near the museum. You do not have to be a guest to see the works; just ask at the desk.

McBroom’s works, 24 portraits in oil, record her two-year transitioning from male to female, part of her master’s in fine arts project, “Two Year Hymn,” at the University of Arkansas. McBroom works in loose, colorful brushstrokes; sometimes the strokes obscure the subject in the early days of transitioning. The Mississippi State University and UA grad was awarded a 2019 Artists 360 grant by the Mid-America Arts Alliance.

Kauser, the daughter of Pakistani immigrants to the UK and an immigrant to the United States, paints portraits of women wearing jewelry and the traditional Dupatta headscarf. In a detour from a career in business, Kauser taught herself to paint after arriving in the U.S. 10 years ago. She’s been exhibiting her work since 2017.


Ramirez hails from Jackson, N.J., on the edge of the Pine Barrens, and, as a person who experienced Hurricane Sandy, her architectural prints reflect her own experience of vulnerability and impermanence and the power of extreme weather. A graduate of Indiana University and the Rhode Island School of Design, she teaches drawing and printmaking at the UA, and has exhibited nationally and abroad.

The work will be up through September.