drawing of faces
Drawing by Theresa Dyer of a part of sculpture to be installed at City Hall.

Artist’s digital rendering of sculpture to go at Markham and Broadway.

A 10-foot bronze and steel sculpture of two children staring up at the stars will be installed at the southeast corner of the City Hall property, at Markham Street and Broadway.


The work, by Theresa Dyer, who lives and works in Nashville, Tenn., was selected Sunday by the Sculpture in the River Market committee, including City Director Dean Kumpuris and Sculpture at the River Market Chairman Jane Rogers, at the conclusion of the two-day Sculpture in the River Market show and sale. The committee, which selects sculpture to go in public places in Little Rock, awarded Dyer a $60,000 commission.

Dyer described the work thusly in her proposal to the committee:


“I see this sculpture as a testament to the future of Little Rock. Two children looking up in openness, wonder and hope. They are positioned back to back looking up at the same star. This will provide interest at all viewing angles. One of them points upwards with his arm at an angle of 23.5 degrees, this exact angle being the tilt of the earth. The earth is represented by an arch of stainless steel and an arch of cold rolled steel. They are supported by the 8’ dia. base of poured concrete.

“Along the edge of the base will be inscribed the coordinates of the City of Little Rock. At the top of the circumference is a stainless steel pin fixture that will become illuminated at night adding interest from dusk until dawn. The shaft of light points in two directions, one toward the sky and the other, down on the boys faces. The children are positioned in the center of the implied circle and the boys arm continues the line of the earths tilt. The piece is orientated toward the bridge and provide views from both Broadway and Markham Street. The two figures acknowledge the existing sculpture of the two figures across Broadway in front of Robinson Auditorium, creating a gateway toward Broadway Bridge.

The sculpture will be 10 feet high, 12 feet wide, four feet deep and sit on a concrete base 8 feet in diameter.

Dyer was one of seven semifinalists considered for the commission, which is paid by the Sculpture at the River Market Inc. 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. They were Nnamdi Okonkwo of Fayetteville, Ga.; Basil Watson of Lawrenceville, Ga.; Clay Enoch and Joe Norman, both of Loveland, Colo.; Theresa Dyer of Nashville, Tenn., Charles Strain of Harrisburg, Mo.; and Ryan T. Schmidt of Benton. Strain and Okonkwo were finalists with Dyer.


Other winners of the annual competition were Chapel in 2011, Bryan Massey Sr. in 2012, Ted Schaal in 2013, Lorri Alcott in 2014, Michael Warrick in 2015, Clay Enoch in 2016, Stephen Schactman in 2017 and Carol Gold in 2018.