Kari Faux teams up with director Dylan McGale for the release of her new music video, “Night Time.” One of five tracks from Faux’s latest EP “Cry 4 Help,” released in March, the “Night Time” video is a lush, moody look into the end of a relationship and a loss of privacy.

Faux, bathed in soft pink and blue neon hues against the backdrop of a sleeping city, is insightful and relatable as ever while she acknowledges the time in her day set aside for her lover — “you know I only come // around when the sun is going down.” As the relationship dissolves, a video camera used by the couple to capture intimate moments is stolen during a late-night meal, and the shots are uploaded to the Internet for all to see.

Kari Faux takes care of business in her music video for “Night Time.”


Fans shouldn’t worry, though — Faux gets her revenge, and the victory is sweet, just like the cotton-candy sky as the video ends. The video’s use of color, smoke and shadow creates a heavy but endlessly consumable palette that viewers will be posting to mood boards for years to come.

Catch Faux tonight at the Ron Robinson Theater during her hometown stop in Little Rock on her Help Wanted Tour.