Picture of George Takei from "The Terror: Infamy"

Tony Tost, a University of Arkansas graduate and up-and-coming TV screenwriter and producer, has a new project: He’s co-executive producer and writer on season two of AMC’s “The Terror: Infamy.” This season builds off the formula established in the first season, which told the real-life story of the doomed expedition to locate the Northwest Passage in the Arctic from 1845-48, but added a supernatural monster to the mix. This go ’round, the show is set in a fictional Japanese internment camp in California in the 1940s and includes something spooky and supernatural. George Takei, who was held at the War Relocation Authority Camp in Rohwer (Desha County) as a child.

“The Terror: Infamy” debuts Aug. 12.

Tost, whose Twitter handle jokes, “Making your dad’s favorite shows since 2012,” was a writer and producer for “Longmire” and the creator and showrunner of “Damnation.”