Flyer for Seance LR

Artist/musician/writer Phillip Rex Huddleston has a print on his website of the French journalist/performer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, accompanied — as his illustrations often are — by a quote. “I do not look for her,” Colette is quoted, “because I was afraid of dispelling the mystery we attach to people whom we know only casually.” That pretty much sums up the way I feel about Seance LR, the “immersive, multimedia mystery in Little Rock, Arkansas” Huddleston is launching this October.

What we know, casually: Equal parts Hasbro and hoodoo, the website beckons mail-in entries from its audience in the parlance of vintage ads for Ouija boards: “Tap into the afterlife!” “Mail in your most burning questions and our members will call upon their extraordinary powers to retrieve your answers.”

Other than some fabulous design, a cursory explanation of what Seance LR is and a planchette-shaped entry form, there’s not a whole lot there yet. And, as anyone with an Umberto Eco or a Nancy Drew book on their shelves knows, scarcity of detail only fuels intrigue and invites speculation. (Will the sequenced tick marks at the top reveal themselves as the digits of a phone number? What’s “The Love of St. John?” Is this gonna be, like, spooky localized Pokemon Go?) Check it out.