White County punk rocker/fashionista/actor Beth Ditto is the subject of The Face Magazine’s new series debut, “Superfan.” Or, more accurately, Glenn Milstead — better known as Divine, perennial queen of campy filth and forever muse to director/provocateur John Waters — is the subject of The Face Magazine’s new series, “Superfan,” as embodied by Ditto.

In a match surely crafted somewhere in the frothy clouds of punk rock heaven, Ditto waxes poetic about Divine’s influence on her work and her aesthetic, shaving her eyebrows in front of the mirror with a baby pink razor as she recollects over a soundtrack of “Donna Reed Show”-style strings:

When I was a young teenager — not so long ago — I was friends with a bunch of weirdo queer punks. There wasn’t a lot going on in White County, Arkansas. I knew that somewhere there had to be something better and different, and that there were people…..like me. Our friend had gotten a hold of this VHS tape. What was on it? Lo and behold, a little movie called “Pink Flamingo.”

Check it out, and while you’re at it, check out Jeffrey Schwarz’s stellar documentary on Divine (Central Arkansas Library System’s Main Library branch has a copy) and check out our interview with Ditto from a spring 2018 issue of the Arkansas Times.