So belated it’s more of an “in case you missed it” round-up, here’s some new music from a handful of our favorite Arkansas-connected folks — and a few new to our ears:

Dylan Earl — “Squirrel in the Garden.” A mystic follow-up to its predecessor “New Country To Be,” Dylan Earl’s latest smells a little less like dive bar cigarette smoke, a little more like West Texas sage. (And hey, some clever sound editor somewhere needs to mash up Earl’s “Two Hearts” with Ween’s “I’m Holding You.”) Current favorite track: “He’s My Brother.”

Tsukiyomi – “3 AM in Kissimmee.” Rapper/Japanophile Tsukiyomi is putting out new music every Sunday under the series name “Tsuki Sundae,” and I’m digging this latest drop, a breakup song set in the wee hours.


Bonnie Montgomery feat. Rosie Flores – “You Can’t Shake.” White County honky tonker/classical composer Bonnie Montgomery has a summer single out with Austin legend Rosie Flores, and it’s a boogie blues barnburner.

John Burnette – “N.Y.C. Babe.” In anticipation of a full album out Aug. 27, guitarist John Burnette’s been teasing out songs like this bluesy inquiry and “N.Y.C. Babe,” a gorgeous fingerstyle take on love and sobriety, just pared-down enough to let Burnette’s dulcet vocals hypnotize.

Torry Dulaney – “Been Good.” For the crowd that likes their worship music a little less Hillsong-acoustic and a little more Kirk Franklin-danceable, Torry Dulaney — a worship leader at The Church at Rock Creek — offers up this “R&G” (“rhythm & gospel”) ode to gratitude, “Been Good.”


Michael Sutterfield – “It’s About Time.” I know next to nothing about this buoyant, brilliant album except that: a) Levi Agee hipped us to it and b) it’s stellar and “Be My Girl” is the song of my summer. Michael, if you’re out there: When can we have this thing on vinyl?

Norman Wilkerson – “Illusions of Grandeur.” This record out of Austin (Lonoke County) recording studio Blue Chair makes me wish it were about 70 degrees colder so I’d have a good reason to hole up and jam out to this and My Bloody Valentine and Lycia and Dead Can Dance. Also, dude can wail.