The Downtown Little Rock Partnership’s public art program, the moving force behind the red wagon on the wall at Union National Plaza at Fifth and Main, is seeking proposals for two new sites: A 900-square-foot wall in the parking deck by Baker’s Alley off Scott and Sixth streets and a wall on the side of the old Gary’s Cleaners at 112 Daisy Bates Drive, in SOMA. The latter is being described as a “selfie wall,” to be covered with a mural so hip we’ll all want our pictures in front of it.

Find out how to submit an application on the mural page at the DLRP website.

The DLRP dedicated its first public mural, the red wagon loaded with buildings called “Playtime,” July 8. Jason Jones received a $30,000 commission for the 5,000-square-foot mural. The DLRP’s RFPs issued today do not mention a commission price.


While you’re on the DLRP mural page, check out the page for the DLRP’s other public art project, Alley Art. Artists have submitted ideas to spruce up alley doors; now all that’s needed are buyers. There are some great suggestions for doors on this page, by artists too numerous to name. Check out the work of Bryan Moats, our erstwhile art director;  prize-winning artist Lisa Krannichfeld; Matt McLeod, creator of the koi mural on Sixth Street along with works of fine art … heck, check them all out. Lots of fun to see them.