Yuni Wa

A round-up of a few favorites that have crossed our desks lately from Arkansas musicians.

Princeton Coleman — known to most as Yuni Wa, an electronic artist who doses his Future Bass/House/Trap melodies with equal parts psilocybin and ontology — put out a two-track EP early this month called “Diagrams.”

“I really focus on shifting the paradigm and creating genuinely unique music that is full of emotion and feeling,” Coleman told us. “I made this record when I was in a place of feeling emotionally drained and honestly beaten down by all the things that have been happening so it symbolizes me resurrecting myself and fighting against stagnation. Truly striving for the ULTIMATE VIBE to bring people back to life when they feel that stagnation creeping up on them which is something naturally everyone feels sometimes.”


Bazi Owenz, the Texarkana native/nurse/bon vivant beatmaker who gifted us “Don’t Blow My High” in 2017, is back with “Material Love,” a baby pink-hued argument in favor of conflict resolution by way of jetsetting: “If we gonna argue, let’s at 40,000 feet/From MIA, IAH, NYC/If you gonna check for me, first check my bags/If you gonna come for me, boy, come with facts/Like where the connect is, the cab and the layover/Tickets on the dresser if you plan to stay over.”


If the time between powerhouse vocalist Genine L. Perez’s concerts feels a little too long, here’s a boy-bye bop to tide you over. Genine L. Perez is NOT having it in the Rah Howard-created video for “Livin’ My Best Life,” and she’s making breakups seem like a whole lot of fun, to boot. Icing on the cake: classroom choreography by a bunch of students sporting “Genine LaTrice Perez High” uniforms, a badass treble clef pendant and plenty of enthusiasm for preserving the spirit and legacy of Perez’s late daughter Olivia.

Finally, one of our favorite expats, Malik Flint, who records under the name bLAck pARty, dropped the album “Home” and “No Complaints” harbingered, “Endless Summer,” with assists from cohorts Y. Machelle and Zoe, and from Flint’s brothers, DMP Jefe and Beedy.