Reason No. 1,265,838 Nate Powell needs a MacArthur genius grant: So he can make more stuff like this. The National Book Award-winning illustrator is, proudly, a co-founder of one of the most riotous and joyful performance art projects of Little Rock’s musical history, Soophie Nun Squad (1992-2006), and he’s documented the band’s offshoots and collaborations in an elegant family tree.

Nate Powell
Soophie Nun Squad family tree

From Powell’s Facebook page:

I embarked on the bonkers task of making a musical family tree rooted around my longtime band Soophie Nun Squad (1992-2006), because this is 100% my idea of fun.


It’s fairly exhaustive, but by no means complete– I tried to set the limits at one band removed from bands sharing SNS members, but extended it occasionally to make connections from opposite ends of the family tree (thanks to connections via Chris Wilson, Ryan Seaton, Greg Harvester, and John Pugh!)



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